Wellsworth lies near the coast at the northern end of a peninsula close to Suddery. Nearby is a large hospital, which serves the majority of Sodor's inhabitants, and a nunnery.

The station at Wellsworth is on the North Western Railway's main line and acts as a junction for Edward's Branch Line. The express does not stop at Wellsworth, although it was once accidentally sent down the branch line. The station is at the foot of Gordon's Hill on the main line and, as a result, can be subject to runaway goods trains when the engine has not pinned down brakes. The station has a large goods yard and sheds, as well as a shed for Edward and BoCo, who operate the branch line.

The line from Brendam to Wellsworth is one of Sodor's oldest and was first known as the Wellsworth and Suddery Railway, which was later extended to Knapford in 1914 to connect with other railways to become the North Western Railway.

According to legend, St. Tibba had a well dug here, hence the name.

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