The Bees

When James was preparing to take the express, Fred and Bert, the two porters were carefully taking a trolley with a beehive to the front van. Unfortunately, because the platform was crowded, Fred bumped into an old lady and the beehive fell and everyone swarmed out of the station. The bees were very cold and needed someplace nice and warm, and the only place they can find is James. However, one bee burned his feet and thought James did it on purpose. So it stung James back on his nose. After that, James stormed off to get rid of the bees.

Thomas had to take some beehives to Farmer Trotter. Hiro advised him to go through the Whistling Woods, but Thomas decides to take the track that goes through the meadow. This caused a calamity for Thomas now the bees escaped out of their hives. Hiro then told Thomas that he can take his truck of flowers to attract the bees away from the field and take them directly to Farmer trotter

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