Sodor Steamworks

The Sodor Steamworks, is situated along The Main Line at Crovan's Gate. It is the repair yard for the North Western Railway, where all the essential components for steam engines are made and heavy overhauls are carried out. It is run by Victor, with the help of Kevin. The company's logo is a chimney with steam coming out surrounded by a large cog wheel and can be found on their locomotives, rolling stock, vehicles and staff uniforms.


The site of the Steamworks consists of:

  • Transfer Table with narrow gauge and standard gauge tracks
  • Turntable
  • Foundry
  • Forge with a steam hammer
  • Boiler Shop
  • Machinery Area with Lathes
  • Hot-Air Blowers
  • Locomotive Hoist
  • Inspection Pit
  • Assembly Area with standard gauge and narrow gauge railway lines.
  • Storage Shed outside the Steamworks for Kevin and Victor to sleep at night.
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