Reg is a rail-based grappling crane that works at Crocks Scrap Yard on Edward's Branch Line.


Reg works at Crocks Scrap Yard moving and unloading scrap and broken machinery to trucks so engines can take them to the Sodor Ironworks.

Reg met James who had to collect some trucks of scrap. Reg created a colossal pile of scrap on a flatbed, later nicknamed the Scrap Monster. James used Reg's creation that night to scare Percy.

Diesel pretended to be Reg in order to hide from Paxton. Reg was confused as to why Paxton was chasing after Diesel. During Christmas time, Percy tried to encourage him to cheer up the scrapyard for Christmas, but later discovered that Reg was celebrating Christmas in his own way, by making decorations from the scrap‏.

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