Mr. Peter Sam

Mr. Peter Sam, was the second controller of the Skarloey Railway. He succeeded the previous controller, Mr. Mack, and was hired by the owner, Sir Handel Brown.

He was first hired as Rheneas' driver when the railway was facing hard times, and he also served as guard for all of the trains. He was named the controller of the Skarloey Railway in 1946. When Stuart and Falcon were purchased by the Skarloey Railway, Stuart was renamed Peter Sam in his honour. He then attended Skarloey and Rheneas' hundredth birthday, and invited Sir Robert Norramby, the Duke of Sodor. In 1959, Mr. Peter Sam found an old saloon coach in a garden at Harwick. When he retired in 1980, he was succeeded by his son, Mr. Roger Sam.

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