Kirk Machan is a village at the foot of Culdee Fell that was built around an eleventh century church dedicated to St. Machan, an Irish monk who lived in a cave near Culdee Fell. It is the Terminus for Culdee Fell Railway.

The station at Kirk Machan is on the Peel Godred Branch Line. It is also the headquarters of the Culdee Fell Railway and the site of the sheds and maintenance depot. A passing loop and exchange siding are to the north, where the railway's rolling stock can be transferred to standard gauge wagons for the journey to Crovan's Gate.

The station, owned by the Culdee Fell Railway, was opened in 1900. Trains from the Peel Godred branch stop at the eastern platform and must pay rent. It is not staffed in winter, as the Culdee Fell Railway is closed during those months.

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