Kevin is a clumsy four-wheeled crane who works at the Sodor Steamworks.


Kevin works at the Steamworks with Victor, offering help whenever possible. When Spencer was sent to the Steamworks after getting slate in his funnel, Kevin distracted him by dropping parts all around while Thomas took engine parts to Hiro. He later participated in Hiro's official restoration.

One day, Thomas was put in charge of the Steamworks and Kevin helped Thomas fetch parts. But Kevin got so busy that he became confused and accidentally pushed a button which sent Spencer up in the air on the hoist. Soon Victor arrived and helped restore order.

Cranky once had too much work to do at Brendam Docks, so Kevin was sent to help out. Unfortunately, Cranky didn't want Kevin's help and told him to stay in a corner out of his way. When Cranky dropped a load of pipes and a cage full of chickens, Kevin rushed to help out. This made Cranky even more cross and sent him back to his corner. Thomas and Salty tried to show Kevin that Cranky did have a heart of gold deep inside. When Cranky knocked over a barrel, Kevin tried to help; but only resulted in falling into the sea. Luckily, Cranky got him out of the water, but not before Sir Topham Hatt saw what had happened. The Fat Controller was about to send Kevin away in disgrace when Cranky spoke up. Together, Kevin and Cranky got all of the work done. Later Ben tricked Kevin so he could be painted blue just like Bill so they could trick Connor.

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