Harwick is a Sudrian fishing town with a population of 5869 at the end of 1981. There is a lighthouse, lifeboat, and coastguard, as well as a ferry service to Ramsey on the Isle of Man. It attracts tourists looking for peace and quiet.

There is a myth that Vikings planned to plunder Harwick during the sixth century, but were converted by St. Machan in awe of his fearlessness. It is most likely false - Vikings did not begin raiding Sodor until the eighth century.

A line had run towards Loey Machan from Harwick's east. This is the only remainder of earlier railway proposals to connect Harwick with Cronk via Peel Godred. The line, however, had only reached the village of Cregwir before funds ran out. The line was used solely as a horse-drawn freight line between Cregwir's quarries and the port at Harwick. The line was later pulled for the war effort during World War II.

A short narrow gauge line ran from Harwick to Ballaswein, a few kilometres to the north.

There were plans to extend the Duck's Branch Line to Harwick, but nothing came of them, until 2015, when a branch line from Arlesburgh to Harwick was built. The line is run by Eagle and Ryan. Mr. Peter Sam found an old saloon coach in a garden here in 1959.

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