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'Arry and Bert's Branch Line.jpeg

Harry and Bert's Branch Line connects to The Main Line south of Killdane it continues until it splits into 2 directions. The southern track runs to the Sodor Ironworks and the northern track runs to the fuel depot.

Points of Interests[]

  • Sodor Ice Cream Factory
  • Sodor Ironworks / Smelter's Yard / Sodor Steelworks
    • A Large Smelter Shed
    • Sodor Shipping Company
  • The Brickworks
  • Cronk
  • The Warehouse
  • The Sodor Fuel Depot
  • Killdane
    • Killdane Junction
    • Killdane Field
  • Arlesdale Ballast, Granite & Gravel Company
  • Old Quarry Bridge