Godred MacHarold, also known as King Orry, was King of Sodor and Mann from 979 to 989. After the defeat of the Norse by the Irish, he harried Wales, then landed on Mann, where, he famously pointed to the stars reflected in the water and said to the locals "There is the path running from my county to this place. That is my road to fame and fortune." Godred gave Sodor and Mann ten years of peace, and his reign is remembered as a golden age. On Sodor, he is remembered affectionately as King Orry.

Godred often fought off attempts by Earl Sigurd of Orkney to reclaim Mann in 982 and Sodor in 984 at a ford near what is now Peel Godred, named in his honour, which has now been replaced by a bridge called King Orry's Bridge.

Sigurd was not captured during either battle, and returned in 989. In a battle on Mann, Godred and his two elder sons were killed, but his wife, daughter Gudrun, and youngest son King Harold escaped to Islay.

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