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The "Little Western" is a coastal branch line operating between Tidmouth and Arlesburgh. It is nicknamed so because the line is decorated in Great Western Railway colours and is worked by Duck and Oliver, two Great Western engines.


The branch was at first a one-line extension of the North Western Railway built after a Government order in 1916. It was intended to reach Harwick; however, by the time Arlesburgh was reached, there was no longer need for further extension. Material from the Arlesdale mines was needed for the war effort, but when the mines closed in 1947 there was not enough traffic. Permission was requested to close the line, but this was refused and thus a minimal service was operated.

In 1964 need for a new harbour arose and the line was reinstated. It was given to Duck, as he knew the Arlesdale Railway engines and had done excellent work in the yards. Oliver, Donald and Douglas also came to help.

Points of Interests[]

  • Tidmouth
    • Tidmouth Beach
      • Tidmouth Lighthouse
    • Tidmouth Beach Village
    • Tidmouth Harbor
    • Tidmouth Hault
      • Tidmouth Hault Sheds
      • Tidmouth Hault Yard
      • The Tunnel
      • The road & bridge by the station building
      • Signalbox
    • Tidmouth Tunnel
    • Town Square
      • Town Hall
      • Town Square Library
    • 1 Shunting Yard (Tidmouth Yard)
      • Tidmouth Sheds
      • Tidmouth Goods Station
    • Sodor Aquarium
    • The Iron Bridge (spans over Tidmouth town center)
    • The Flyover Bridge
    • Tidmouth Tunnel (south)
    • Tidmouth Signalbox
    • Tidmouth Sheds
    • Tidmouth Goods Station
    • Tidmouth Crossing
    • Tidmouth Signal Runby
    • Tidmouth Junction
  • Dilly’s Pond
  • The Workmen’s Hut
    • Old Slow Coach (Female)
  • Three Tier Bridge
  • Haultraugh
    • Bulgy’s Bridge
    • Bulgy’s Field
  • Bluff’s Cove
    • Bluff’s Cove School
  • Arlesburgh
    • Arlesburgh Engine Shed
    • Arlesburgh Harbor
    • Arlesburgh Maritime Museum
      • Arlesburgh Maritime Museum Harbor
    • Sodor Trading Co.
    • Arlesburgh West
      • Arlesburgh West Yard
      • Arlesburgh West Ballast Chute
    • 1 Shunting Yard (Arlesburgh Goods Yard)
      • Arlesburgh Yard Shed
    • Capital Calles’ Pirate Ship
    • The Ballast Chute
  • The Lighthouse
  • The Seaside Village
  • Skiff’s Railboat Tours
  • Logging Halt
  • Sodor Lifeboat Station
  • Sodor Shopping Center
  • Sodor Yacht Club
  • The Boatyards
  • The Winter Nature Research Center
  • River Tid
  • Ffarquhar Station Master’s House
  • 2 Coal Hoppers
  • Highcliff
  • Seaside Station
  • Sodor Sea Centre
  • River Arle
  • Seaside Branch Line
  • Faarkey-Y-Sudragh
  • Conrad’s Bridge
  • The junction to The Loop Line
  • Star Theater
  • The Cliffs Runby
  • Sodor Scenic Railway
    • Bay View Holiday Park
  • Standard & Minimum Gauge Hill
  • Callandale Junction
  • Conrad’s Hill
  • 2-Track Bend & Goods Station
  • Standard & Minimum Gauge Forest Runby